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Most activities at The Paw are available for viewing over our live public web cameras. Tune in to preview a class or stop in and observe one!

To sign up for a class just call The Paw at 507-625-7070.  We will be happy to help you!  We will ask for current vet records, that you read and sign our Pet Care Agreement and make payment to hold your spot.

As there are limits on the number of students who can attend a class, we are unable to give refunds after the first week of class.  

If you have training experience and would like to join our training team please call and ask for Tanya, or please visit the Join Our Team page on our website.  We are looking for skilled qualified trainers!


Swimming & Dock Jumping Lessons

Saturday, February 10, 2018... Call and make your reservation 507-625-7070!

Teach your dog to love the water!
Improve on their dock jumping skills!

First Time Swimmers: $25          9:00am-10:00am
This lesson is for dogs who have little to no experience in the water.  Lifejackets are provided.
Humans should be prepared to enter the water at least waist deep.  *Limited to 15 dogs.

Ready to Jump: $25                 10:30am-11:30am
This lesson is for those who love the water and want to learn to jump in off the pool deck or dock.  Dogs should be comfortably entering the pool on their own.
Humans should be prepared to enter the water at least waist deep.  *Limited to 15 dogs.

Competition Series with Tom Dropik: $50/session

Join founder of SportMutt, Inc., Tom Dropik, and his 5-time World Champion, Remi, for this class.  This session is for dogs who are confidently jumping off the dock and
want to improve on their skills.  *Limited to only 5 dogs per session!

Big Air — 1:00pm-2:00pm
Big Air — 2:15pm-3:15pm
Extreme Vertical & Speed Retrieve — 3:30pm-4:30pm

  • Humans should come prepared to be in the water knee deep.
  • Please bring your dog’s favorite water toy to retrieve.
  • All dogs must be social, and have vaccinations on file at The paw.


Puppy Camp

Early socialization is so important for young dogs please click on this link for more information:  Socializing Your Puppy: Why "Later" Is Too Late.

This is a one week special opportunity for puppies 2 -5 months of age. Puppy camp is the second week of each month and includes daily daycare, swimming in our heated pool, towel drying, blow drying, toe nail trims, photo and a craft! Your puppy will play and learn to socialize with other dogs and staff members.This class is discounted to just $90. Registration and payment required to reserve your spot and puppies may take advantage of this camp up to 2 times. Note: this special is for daily daycare only, not overnight boarding.

View our Puppy Camp brochure to learn more about it!

Next Sessions:  February 12 - February 16

                          March 12 - March 16

                          April 9 - April 13

The Fee for Puppy Camp is:  $90.00


Please check out our Obedience Training brochure to learn more about our classes!

Puppy Kindergarten

This 4 week, Puppy Kindergarten is a class designed to get your new puppy off to a good start. Life skills and exposures learned in a positive environment and with controlled outcomes are easiest learned in the first months of life.  Puppies will interact with others in this class.  Families will learn about feeding, health concerns (vaccinations, spay/neuter and others), developmental periods as their puppy grows into adulthood, new exposures (sounds, textures, motion), potty training and more.

This class is limited to 6 puppies sign up early to reserve your spot! Prepayment is required.

Instructor: Dawn Finch (

Prerequisites: Your puppy must be 8 - 16 weeks old.

Monday Evenings from 5:30 - 6:30, March 12 - April 2

Class Fee: $60.00


Basic Manners

This class will cover some of the basic manners issues that tend to be the most troublesome. Dogs can be new students, or graduates of other classes who still could use some polishing of these skills.  Items covered will be loose lead walking, jumping, running away instead of coming, and other requests by students in the class.

This class is limited to 6 dogs sign up early to reserve your spot! Prepayment is required.

Instructor: Dawn Finch (

Prerequisites: For dogs 4 months old and up

Class fee: $45.00


Beginner Obedience

Beginner is an eight week program. Two separate sessions are offered, one on Monday evenings, the other on Thursday evenings. All work is done on a 6 foot lead, teaching the handler and dog basic obedience skills. Included are heeling on a loose lead, sitting politely when greeted by a stranger, sit and stay, and working around people and dogs as distractions. 

Instructors: Dawn Finch (, Linda A. Murray (

Prerequisites: The dog should be 4 months of age or older.  Human and dog teamwork is an essential part of success!

Monday Evenings 6:30 - 7:30, January 8 - February 26 (Dawn Finch)

Upcoming:  Monday Evenings 6:30 - 7:30, March 12 - April 30 (Dawn Finch)

Thursday Evenings 6:30 - 7:30, January 11- March 1 (Linda Murray)

Upcoming:  Thursday Evenings 6:30 - 7:30, March 15 - May 3 (Linda Murray) 

Class Fee:  $84.00




Intermediate is an eight week program, and a continuation of the learning started in Beginner. All work is done on a 6 foot lead. New lessons include down & stay, stand & stay, learning a reliable recall (coming when called) and also working with more distractions. Other skills and exercises for a well behaved dog are also covered. 

Instructors:  Dawn Finch (, Linda A. Murray (

Prerequisite:  Completion of Beginner skills or instructor approval.

Thursday Evenings 7:30 - 8:30, January 11 - March 1 (Linda Murray)

Upcoming:  Thursday Evenings 7:30 - 8:30, March 15 - May 3 (Linda Murray)

Please, bring your dog to the first night of this class.

Class Fee:  $80.00


This class works on fine tuning all lessons learned in the Beginner/Intermediate courses. All exercises are done on and then progress to off lead. Proper heel position and automatic sits are expected when heeling. Recalls, sits and downs are expanded to be done off lead and with the handler further away. Increased dog attention and teamwork between human and dog are developed and expected at this level.

Students in this class are self-paced and are at different levels of proficiency with their training. The Advance class can be repeated indefinitely, as more skills are added for each dog and human team as they progress with their training. Some students are just out of beginners, where others are close to being ready for other experiences: therapy dog testing, competing in other sports such as rally, obedience or agility. This class is also intended for those who enjoy a really good relationship with their dog, and a well-behaved and easier to live with dog around the home and when in public.

Instructor:  Dawn Finch (

Prerequisite:   Completion of all Level 2 skills, and/or instructor approval.

Monday Evenings 7:30 - 8:30, January 8 - February 26 (Dawn Finch)

Upcoming:  Monday Evenings 7:30 - 8:30, March 12 - April 30 (Dawn Finch)

Please, bring your dog to the first night of class.

Class Fee:  $80.00


NEW!!! Introduction to Nose Work

4 week sessions -  6:30pm - 8:30pm - $60 per dog per session

8 dogs maximum each session.  Students may work with more that 1 dog.

Dogs must be crated to participate in nosework. Your dog does not need to be quiet in the crate. Dogs can be housed in the daycare room, students may bring their own crates or keep dogs in their cars (weather permitting).

K9 nosework classes encourage dogs to use their natural instinct of scenting. These classes can be used to build confidence for shy or timid dogs and a great way to exercise high drive dogs. Dog reactive dogs who can be safely crated in the presence of others are welcome. Older dogs and even handicapped dogs can participate in this sport.

Students should bring their dogs with a 6 foot leash, preferably on a buckle, martingale or prong collar and lots of high drive treats (chicken, steak, hot dogs, cheese etc). If your dog prefers toys over food, please bring several of his/her favorite toys as well.

These classes will build problem-solving skills necessary for dogs to succeed in the sport of nosework. Classes are designed to be repeated, so you will get to see a variety of skills from beginners to experiences searchers. As your dog progresses, we will expand the skill level to elevated hides, vehicle searches, exterior hides, converging odor, corner hide, multiple hides and more.

Instructor:  Linda A. Murray (

Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30, Jan 24th, 31st and Feb 7th, 21st

Wednesday evenings from 6:30- 8:30, Feb 28th, March 7th, 14th and 28th

Class Fee:  $60.00 per dog per session


Rally Drop In Classes

 A fun newer type of obedience that includes obeying a command posted at different stations. Dogs are timed on the course. 

During the month of July we are offering drop in Rally Classes!!!!

Instructors:  Dawn Finch (

Dates:  July 24 - Aug. 7

Time:  7:30pm - 8:30pm

Cost:  $5.00 per person/ per session


For anyone interested in taking their dogs to different locations to visit people in settings such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc… to spread love, kisses and smiles. Check out testing requirements for Therapy Dogs International on their website:

Certified Evaluators:  Linda A. Murray ( and Dawn Finch (

Canine Good Citizen Testing

Go to:

Certified Evaluators:  Dawn Finch (t_finch_family@hotmail.comand Linda A. Murray (

If interested please call The Paw or e-mail the evaluators.



If you are looking for tips and skills for showing your dog then this is the class for you! For more information please call The Paw. Classes meet each Thursday evenings from 7:45 - 8:30pm. This 45 minute course, is a drop in class. Please call The Paw or e-mail instructor before attending. You may pay night by night, or prepay for a group of weeks. Do not wear opened toed shoes or flip flops to class.

Instructor:  Dawn Finch (