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Alternative Medicine

Rehabilitation/Alternative Medicine


The Paw has an aquatic treadmill that can help you rehabilitate your pet!  

The Canine Underwater Treadmill uses the healing properties of water, plus water’s physical properties (buoyancy & resistance), to support your best friend while you conduct a safe, proven exercise session with your pet! This therapy can help pets return to full function after injury more quickly, improve muscle strength and joint range of motion, and even lose weight. 

  • Recovery from surgery or acute injury
  • Management of chronic mobility conditions
  • Maintaining physical fitness in healthy pets
  • Management of hereditary conditions
  • Safe, comfortable exercise during inclement weather

Call 507-625-7070 and schedule a time to meet with a staff member to learn more.  


Alternative Medicine

Teresa Marshall, D.C., FIAMA, Licensed Animal Chiropractor offers chiropractic services at The Paw!  

Specializing in:

  • Chiropractic care of back and neck problems
  • Laser Therapy 
  • Acupuncture

Call 612-644-5072, to discuss your pet's needs and set up an appointment.