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Pool Time at The Paw!

If you want your dog to love the water, then this is your ticket!

Your dogs accomplishment of becoming comfortable in the water will help them in becoming a more confident dog!

What a phenomenal way to improve your dog’s mental and physical health!   

  • Swimming provides exercise that is easy on joints
  • Improves muscle strength and tone
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Improves their metabolic rate
  • Great for healthy weight loss
  • Is a great outlet for your dog’s extra energy
  • Great for their mental health! 

Swimming is an exercise they can do their entire lives! Varied activities, help to keep your dog alert, focused and happy.

Our 18ft x 50ft indoor pool is maintained at a comfortable 80° F. The depth is graduated from 10 inches to 4 1/2 feet deep. Which makes it both comfortable for novice swimmers and loads of fun for our advanced canine swimmers. We have life jackets available in a variety of sizes. Your dog will never want to get out of the pool! 

Be sure to check out our retail department for pool toys!  

Dogs who swim love it; and good swimmers are so much fun to watch!

Unlimited monthly pool pass just $45! This gives you access to any open swimming time.


Open Swim 

$15.00 ~ per dog

Open swimming is for social dogs only.  Dogs are under owner supervision. Multiple dogs can reserve the same time slot.


Private Swim

$ 60.00/45 minutes for up to 5 dogs.

Additional dogs charged $10.00/dog additional

Private swimming is for dogs who would like to rent out the pool room exclusively for their own use. Once reserved, no other appointments can overlap the reserved time slot. Prepayment is required.  



Every Sunday from 2:00pm-3:30pm

Bring your dog and enjoy the pool and indoor/outdoor play areas.

Registration and proof of vaccinations is required. 


Self-Serve Dog Bathing Station

$10/dog -or- $5/dog with swimming

*Shampoo/Conditioner not included


*****Dock Jumping Seminar*****

April 27, 2019 From 1:00pm - 4:00pm 

The cost is $100.00/dog

 A Half Day Dog Training experience that will help You and Your dog be the Best Dock Jumping Team you can Be. Learn from one of the most successful Competitors, Trainers, and Innovators in the Sport.  
Overall Dock Jumping performance is based on Desire, Confidence, and Trust.

  • a Strong Desire to get the Toy.
  • a Confidence that the dog will GET that Toy
  • a Trust that the dog can go after the Toy without Inhibitions, Doubt, or Fear. 

At this Seminar we will learn how to Improve Overall Dock Jumping performance by teaching how to build that Desire, Confidence, and Trust using Dry Land Techniques and progressing to the Dock. 
We will spend an 1 1/2 in the Training Room where we will teach Toy Drive techniques as well as Proper Handling Techniques for Distance Jumping and Vertical Jumping. We will take what we learned in the Training Room to the Dock and spend an 1 1/2 on the dock working what learned. 
Tom Dropik believes in building a foundation based on conditioning, attention and obedience training and then building skills in each discipline as the handler team grows in experience and expertise. There will be lots of tips and insights but this is a comprehensive, individualized program not a quick fix. The program is designed to take you from where you are to your team’s optimal performance across all disciplines. 
The program is scheduled to start at 1:00 pm on Saturday April 27. We will go through the afternoon that day finishing around 4:00 pm.  
Tom Dropik’s 19 years of Dock Jumping experience has taken him all over North America where he’s worked with Teams at All levels of Experience. It’s this Experience and ability to interact with dogs that has given him the ability to teach Teams to understand what it takes to be the Best they can Be.  
In addition to being in the DockDogs Hall of Fame Tom’s achievements are:  • 5 time ESPN Great Outdoors Competitor • 13 Time World Championships Competitor  • 5 time Sonic Speed Retrieve World Champion  • Innovator in the development of Vertical Jumping  • Former Sonic World Record Holder at 4.442  • Innovator in development of the Chase Method  • 2013 Iron Dog Best of Best Champion   • Competing in water sports since 2001 


Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons with our staff are available. Whether you are looking to teach your dog to swim or jump off the dock, we can customize the swimming lessons to your needs. 

Pricing varies. Please inquire with Tanya at The Paw: 507-625-7070


Pool Parties

Dog Birthday Party, Litter Reunion or other special occasion?

Our pool can be rented privately for $50 per half hour.Parties renting at least 90 minutes are provided with a 6' banquet table (upon request) and have access to our kitchen.  

Set up and take down times should be factored into pool rental.



The pool is available to rent during the following times:

Monday - Friday     8am - 4:30pm

Saturday                 8am - 3:30pm

Sunday                   1-2pm


Proof of current vaccinations is required for all dogs. Dogs must be up-to-date on Rabies and Distemper.

To avoid breaking nails on the pool mats, we recommend that the dogs nails be trimmed.  

What to bring:

  • Proof of vaccinations. Rabies and Distemper. Be sure we have them on file before checking in.  We recommend bordetella and a fecal parasite exam.
  • Your dogs favorite pool toy
  • Pool clothes (optional) - Your dogs introduction to the pool will be much more successful if you, as the human, lead by example. 

What to Expect

If your dog doesn't have a lot of experience, come prepared to get in the water with him. He will be much more comfortable with his favorite human by his side.  

Swimming takes a lot of energy. Don't be surprised if your dog is ready for a long nap after their swim. They'll be tired from their full-body exercise. Be sure to have fresh water available to them as they may be thirsty.   

You can purchase swimming packages!


Special swim nights are frequently offered! Please check our events calendar, Facebook page or call 507-625-7070 to find out more!

Call 507-625-7070, to reserve your swim time!!!