Dog Sleeping On Bed

The perfect place for your best friend to hang while you’re out of town. They will have as much fun on their vacation as you have on yours.

We offer three different suites for our four-legged friends, and we are also able to accommodate rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other small animals!

Siamese kitten laying in cat bed.

Cat Condos

Corgi laying in dog bed.

Standard Suites

Brown dog smiling while laying in bed.

Premium Suites

Yellow lab sleeping in brown dog bed.

Executive Suites

Boarding Packages

The cost for the day of departure will be calculated at a rate of $2/hr.

Reservations must be made in advance. The Paw calculates boarding rates on a 24/hr basis and then $2.00/hr on the day of departure. Check out our rates based on the type of accommodation you would like.

Our lobby is closed on all major holidays. Arrivals and departures are not available on the following days: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Multiple Pet Discount - $2/pet

Extended Stay Discount – 5% After 192 hours (8 Days)

Peak Pricing - $5 Per Night 06/26-09/11, 11/15-11/26, 12/15-01/07


Add Ons


  • Treats (varies)

  • Peace of Mind :


  • Cuddle and Storytime :


  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party :


  • Brain Games :


  • Puppy Postcard :


  • Swimming


  • Peace of Mind :


  • Individual Playtime :


  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party :


  • Kitty Postcard :


Other Animals

  • Peace of Mind :


  • Postcard :


Bulldog Puppy on Isolated Background

What to Bring

Vaccination Records

● Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccination must be current

● A fecal exam must be done each year

● Flea preventative must be used on a monthly basis 


● All pills, supplements, and additives prescribed by a veterinarian are treated as medications (including over-the-counter allergy medications)

● Medications should be brought in the original prescription bottle

● Medications and Supplements are charged $2 per medication per day

● We do not administer injectable medications


● Please bring your dog’s food pre-bagged in ziplock bags with the correct amount of food for each meal in separate bags. The bags should be labeled with their name, date and which meal it is (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Please ensure you are sending enough food for your pet’s stay. House Food - $5/day

● Do not send a whole bag of food in a store-bought bag or in a large bin unless your dog is staying for two weeks or longer. 

● It is important to not vary your pet’s diet during their stay, as it can induce stomach upset.

Toys & Bones

● Many pets enjoy the opportunity to play with toys while they are resting in their rooms


● Your dog is required to have a quick release snap collar, which allows us to tag each dog with proper identification

● We do not allow choke chains, pinch, or buckle collars

● Collars are available for purchase in our retail area

Blanket or Towel

● An item from home will help comfort your pet while you're away.


● For the safety of all pets, please be sure that your pet is on a leash or in a carrier when entering/exiting the building.

Please be aware that The Paw is not responsible for items left in our facility, and will not pay for/or provide replacement items. We cannot guarantee that it will be returned in the same condition. The Paw is not responsible for, including but not limited to leashes, collars, bowls, beds, food scoops, and toys.

Sad dog on isolated white background

What not to bring

Food and Water Dishes

● We will provide the dishes your dog needs during their stay

● You may bring a slow feed bowl if your dog requires it


● We provide our own beds for your companion's comfort

● We do not recommend bringing your own dog beds as we no longer wash them

● If you wish to bring your dog’s bed and it becomes soiled, we will bag it for you to launder at home


● We do not allow rawhides, or any other chew you would not feel comfortable with leaving your pet unattended with

Large Food Containers / Glass Containers

● Please do not bring in large food containers or large bags of food, as we do not have the proper space to store them. We also do not allow class or ceramic items as they may break.

cat-blanket - 1

A Few More Details

● We offer individual playtime and swim time for our boarding guests who are not able to play in daycare due to temperament reasons, social reasons, not being spayed or neutered, health reasons, etc. There are additional charges for some of these services. You can find a list of these services on the Standard Suite and Executive Suite pages.  

● Our staff evaluates all dogs and cats prior to overnight stay and admittance into our daycare program. Please call to ask for more information or to schedule an evaluation. Also visit our requirements page for more information regarding immunizations, and our policies regarding commingled dogs.

● If you are a NEW client, you are required to complete our Dog Boarding Evaluation Form

● Boarding Drop-off and Pick-up

Monday - Friday 6:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday 8:00am - 3:30PM

Sundays 1:00PM - 3:30PM

● For more expedited check-in/check-out with fewer people in our lobby please come between 10am-2pm, Monday – Friday

● Owner must drop off their pet, or make arrangements with staff as you will need to come in prior to check-in to complete all necessary paperwork. You may drop off your pet during our business hours. Please plan to allow 15-30 min for check-in/out.

puppy-boarding - 1

Before Arrival

If this will be your pet’s first stay with us, we ask that you schedule a temperament evaluation so we can determine if your dog is a good candidate for day care and group let-outs.

Make sure that we have an emergency contact on file and be sure to book any grooming services you’d like completed during their stay.

Please visit our requirements page to learn about vaccination requirements and other important information for planning your pets stay.

sleepy-cat - 1

Payment Requirements

● We require a credit card on file to guarantee a reservation. You have FREE cancelation until noon the day before you're scheduled to check-in. Cancelation after this time incurs a charge of $25.00. (For example, if you are checking in on Saturday, you have until noon on Friday to cancel.) If you cancel a 3-night stay the morning of the day you are scheduled to arrive, you are charged a $25.00 cancellation fee.

● A valid credit card is required to keep on file with us for all boarding stays.

● If your pet is staying for more than 7 days, a deposit must be paid upon drop off with the remainder paid at pick up time. Pets staying less than a week will be charged the remaining balance at the end of the stay.

● If someone other than yourself will be picking up your pet, we require that you let us know who they are and they must be able to show valid ID at pick-up.

● Payment must be made by either cash or credit card, we do not accept checks as payment for boarding stays

Pet Care Agreement

All clients are required to sign a Pet Care Agreement upon arrival. 

puppy-boarding - 1

After their stay with us…

We feed the pups around 8am and 4pm each day. Water is always available during their stay. We refresh their bowls in their suite and it is available in daycare as well. When they come home they will be excited and will likely be thirsty. Please monitor how much water they drink. If they are excited and drink too much they may vomit. You may want to give them time to settle down before giving them food or water.