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In-Home Pet Care

Private Doggie Walks:

$20 for 30 minutes
*Additional Time: $9 per 15 minutes (consecutively)
Our dog handlers will take your dog on a 30 to 60 minute leashed walk in your neighborhood. We'll make sure your dog gets some fresh air, does his business and stretches those legs! Feeding and basic pet care can be combined at no charge within the time frame.

Daily In-Home Pet Care:

$20 for 30 minutes
*Additional Time: $9 per 15 minutes (consecutively)
Our Pet Care Staff will come to your home for a 30 to 60 minute visit to care for your pets. When requested and available, visits can include play time, walks, feeding, litter box and/or cage cleaning and yard waste clean-up. We require 2 visits per day minimum for dogs up to 3 nights; 4 or more nights require a minimum of 3 visits per day.

Potty Breaks: $15

Be sure you dog gets a quick potty break during the day! Let one of our Pet Care Staff stop in for a quick break either on-leash or in your fenced yard.

Additional Services:

Mileage: There is no charge for the first 20 driving miles (round trip to- and from- The Paw).  Any additional miles will be charged at a rate of 55₵ per mile per trip.

Holiday Surcharge: Services scheduled on all applicable Holidays will incur the standard rate PLUS a per visit Holiday Surcharge of $12 for each noted Holiday.
Security Check: Basic home care tasks such as collecting your mail, setting out trash and watering plants can be added to your services for $12 per occurrence within the service time frame.

Excessive Pet Mess Clean Up: Our Pet Care Staff will clean up any accidents they find.  If there is an excessive amount of clean up (taking more than 10 minutes) there will be a surcharge of $1 per minute for cleanup.  Homeowners are responsible for supplying all cleanup supplies outside of poop pickup bags.

Yard Clean-Up: Our Pet Care Staff will always clean up the deposits your dog makes while in our care.  If you’d like them to also clean up additional deposits found in your yard, it is a $20 charge per 2 gallons of “poo.”  All clean up bags will be disposed of in the homeowner’s trash.


Orientation with Meet & Greet: $15
Orientation with Meet & Greet is required for all households at least one week prior to your first scheduled service.  The purpose of the orientation is to meet you, your pets, and discuss the level of care you need.  One of our staff members will meet with you to discuss services, policies, and address any questions you may have.
* A new Orientation with Meet & Greet is required for all households who have not received a service in the past 6 months.

Owners must provide enough food for the duration of their absence.

Collars & Leashes
For any and all animals that will be taken out of the home by our Pet Care Staff, the owner must provide a properly fit collar and leash (no retractable leashes).

All pills, supplements and additives prescribed by a vet are treated as medications.  This includes over-the-counter allergy medications.   Medications should be kept in the original prescription bottle.  *No Injectable Medications*

Payment for Services
Requested services are paid for at the time the reservation is made.  We require a credit card on file for applicable taxes and any additional charges.  Applicable taxes along with any and all additional charges including mileage and tips will be posted to your credit card following the service.

Pet Care Agreement
All clients are required to sign a Pet Care Agreement before any services can be rendered.

We require that the Rabies vaccination be current and that your dog has received the Distemper Core Vaccination (usually given as a puppy); please be sure we have your records on file before the start of your services
*Annual Bordetella & Fecal Parasite Exam are recommended
**Please speak with your veterinarian regarding the Canine Flu
     vaccination and if it is recommended for your dog

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify your Pet Care Staff?
All of our in-home Pet Care Staff are background checked prior to hiring.  They must complete and pass Dog Gurus training prior to performing in-home care services.  All of our staff are required to attend on-going training at The Paw.

What happens during a walk?
During your walk services, our staff will walk your pet around your neighborhood.  As a safety precaution, our staff double leash during walks – the owner’s leash/collar are used and we use a slip-lead style leash for emergency use.  They are also required to carry a cell phone and dog protection spray at all times.

Do you accept cats and other animals?
Yes!  We can care for a wide-variety of pets!  We can care for small animals, birds, reptiles and even some basic livestock under certain circumstances.  If you’re looking for fish tank care, please contact speak with our staff for more details.

How much time does the rate cover?Our Doggie Walks and In-Home Pet Care rates start at $20 for 30 minutes.  Generally our staff will be with your animal for 25-30 minutes.  If more time than 30 minutes is required or requested, additional time can be added for $9 per 15 minutes (consecutively).

Potty Breaks are $15 per occurrence.  During this time our staff will take your dog outside so that they may relieve themselves.  Our staff will give your dog up to 15 minutes to complete their business.

What time will your staff visit my home?
Generally speaking, we have 3 daily “time zones” for our services:
Morning 6am-10am
Mid-Day 12pm-4pm
Evening 6pm-10pm
While you can request a specific time of day, the exact time of service will depend on availability.

Can you send me photos of my pet while I’m gone?
Our staff will add photos to a daily report card along with other notes which can be sent to your via text message or email.

Should I tip the individual caring for my pet(s)?
Our In-Home Pet Care staff are paid similarly to the way a hairdresser is paid (based on the services they provide).  While tipping is not required, it is a nice way to reward them for a job well-done.  If you would like to tip your Pet Care staff, please let us know during your follow-up courtesy call upon your return.

How do you get access to my house?
It is up to each resident how they would like to grant us access to their home: key, key/security code, lockbox, garage door opener.  Please be sure to let us know if there is anyone else in the area that knows how to access your home in case of an emergency.
All keys, codes and confidential information is kept locked up at The Paw when not performing your services.

How do I get my house key back?
If you will be using our services often, we recommend you have a spare key made for The Paw to keep in a secure area.  Otherwise, you can arrange picking up your key from The Paw following your return.

When is there a Holiday Surcharge?
● New Year’s Eve
● New Year’s Day
● Easter Sunday
● Memorial Day
● Independence Day
● Labor Day
● Thanksgiving Day
● Christmas Eve
● Christmas Day

Who supplies the items my pet needs during their care?
Our staff will supply poop pick-up bags.  All other supplies, such as mess clean-up supplies, bedding, food, water, bowls, toys, leashes and collars will need to be supplied by the pet owner.

What if my dog requires a medication?
Our staff cannot administer any injectable medications.  If your dogs requires a pill, we recommend providing a treat for our staff to present the medication with (pill pocket, peanut butter, etc).  Our staff is trained to administer oral medications, but we prefer to make the pilling process a good experience for your pet.

How and when do I pay for services?

Requested services are paid for at the time the reservation is made.  We require a credit card on file for any additional charges.  Any and all additional charges will be posted to your credit card following the service.

What if I need to cancel?
Cancellations made within 72 hours of the scheduled service are non-refundable.  Cancellations made prior to 24 hours before the scheduled service are eligible for an 80% refund to you as an account credit.

What if you cannot care for my pet?
While our staff is experienced with a variety of pet personalities, safety for both our staff and your pet is our number 1 priority.  If for any reason our staff feels as though they are not able to safely care for your pet, we require that you provide us with emergency contact information for someone who our staff can contact.

Owner’s Checklist

⎕  Protect your Valuables—Lock up your
        valuables and store them in a safe, hidden location.
⎕  Pet Food—Be sure you have plenty of food for
        the duration of your absence.  Also, be sure you
        place it in the location you agreed upon with your
        Pet Care Staff.
⎕  Collar/Leash—If your pet will be going outside,
        be sure to lay out their collar and leash so that it is
        easy for your Pet Care Staff to find.
⎕  Pet Proof your Home—Shut off any areas of
        the house that you don’t want your pet to go.  Be
        sure there are no items laying around that they
        may chew on or destroy.  Also, lock up any and all
        cleaning products, insect or weed killers, rat
        poisons and medicines.
⎕  Secure your Perimeter—Repair any holes in
        your fence.  Secure gate latches with locks so that
        nothing can accidently be left open.
⎕  Water Access—If your pet has free-range of
        your home, it’s a good idea to leave several water
        access points.
⎕  Toys & Bones—While toys and chew bones can
        be a great tool to keep your pet occupied while
        you’re away, be sure they won’t pose a health
        hazard to your pet.
⎕  Pet Medications—Be sure your pet’s
        medications are in a location that’s easy for your
        Pet Care Staff to find and administer to your pet.

*The Paw is not liable for any lost or damaged personal property

What NOT to do:

●   Security—leave doors & windows open or un-
●  Give Rawhides—rawhides can be chewed into
       small pieces and pose a choking hazard to your pet

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