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Puppy Intro to Obedience

Puppy's Introduction to Obedience

Puppy’s Intro to Obedience is a six week program designed to strengthen the bond between handler and dog while teaching the team exercises to make their relationship more enjoyable.  Beginning obedience exercises will include the come command, healing, sit, off, stay, down, leave it, and learning to change direction with the dog in the healing position.  Puppies will work on socialization skills with their handlers.  We will also discuss crate and house training.  This class will prepare puppies, ages 3 - 7 months,  for further training in the Obedience 1 class.


01/17/2017 6:30pm
01/24/2017 6:30pm
01/31/2017 6:30pm
02/07/2017 6:30pm
02/14/2017 6:30pm
02/21/2017 6:30pm