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Does your dog like to sniff? Does he/she like to find treats and other articles?  Nosework may be a fun sport for you to try!

WHERE:  The Paw training center

Special Holiday Cost is only $10.00 for each dog each night!

8 dogs maximum each session.  Students may work with more that 1 dog.

Dogs must be crated to participate in nosework. Your dog does not need to be quiet in the crate. Dogs can be housed in the daycare room, students may bring their own crates or keep dogs in their cars (weather permitting).

K9 nosework classes encourage dogs to use their natural instinct of scenting. These classes can be used to build confidence for shy or timid dogs and a great way to exercise high drive dogs. Dog reactive dogs who can be safely crated in the presence of others are welcome. Older dogs and even handicapped dogs can participate in this sport.

Students should bring their dogs with a 6 foot leash, preferably on a buckle, martingale or prong collar and lots of high drive treats (chicken, steak, hot dogs, cheese etc). If your dog prefers toys over food, please bring several of his/her favorite toys as well.

12/05/2018 6:00pm
12/12/2018 6:00pm