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Cat Condos

Cat Condos/Rates

* Rates are per animal per night. For multiple pet discount please see below.

The cat condos come with cozy corners for your cat to hide in and a separate space for feeding and litter pan.  If your cat has been vaccinated against Feline Leukemia and does well being handled they can be permitted to come out of their condo and climb our cat trees, scratching posts, watch the fish in our 400 gallon aquarium, or watch dogs being groomed in our grooming salon. 

Over night Boarding in our cattery is charged at $0.95 /hour per cat.  Minimum boarding fee is 24 hours, $22.80.   


  • If 2 or more pets lodge together in the same condo: Save $ 0.20/hour per animal, after the required minimum fee amount.
  • For an extended stay: Save $ 0.15/ hour if your pet/pets stay 186 hours (8 days) or more

Additional Charges:

  • Medication: $3 per day
  • After hours 8pm pick up or drop off:  $20.00