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Our Staff

Tanya Whitcomb's picture

Tanya comes to The Paw with a managament background in retail and non-profit. She has a BFA from MNSU in Studio Arts with an emphasis on Business. Tanya has three Dachshunds: Bregen, Harlie, and Lucky. In her spare time she enjoys going to wiener dog races, quilting  and singing karaoke.

Tanya Whitcomb
General Manager

Shane's picture

Shane is a creative writing student at MNSU.

He has an American Staffordshire Terrier named Marley.

His favorite thing about working at The Paw is talking with people who are passionate about their pets!


Front Desk Reservation Specialist

Ben's picture

Ben is pursuing a degree in Psychology at MNSU, minoring in Biology and Anthropology.  

He has a Terrier mix named Jocko.

His favorite thing about woking at The Paw is getting to know the animals on a personal level.

Front Desk Associate & Pet Care Staff

Ami's picture

Ami grew up in Propser, Texas.  She has four furbabies: Presto (mini pit), Jami (golden) and Macaroni & Gouda (orange tabby). Ami’s favorite thing about working at The Paw is meeting and getting to know all of the animals.

Front Desk Reservation Specialist

Katie's picture

Growing up in Mankato, Katie has had a wide varitety of animals. Her dog piper is in the furry little puppy in the photo with her!

She is a student at MNSU studying corrections and hopes to somedayserve as a probation officer working with adults.

Katies favorite thing about working at The Paw is having the opportunity to get to know every animal.

Pet Care Attendant

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Maddie has always had a love for animals growing up and had plans of pursuing a future career doing so.  She is currently getting an associates degree as a Vet-Tech along with a business degree at MNSU.

Maddie recently started her fur baby family when she added her golden retriever, Jasper to the family.

Her favorite thing about working at The Paw is being able to build a relationship with each individual dog and getting to know their personality!


Pet Care Attendant

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Logan is an animal lover who has had a pet ever since he can remember. Although he identifies himself as a “dog person,” he currently has a cat named Leo the Lion! Logan loves working at The Paw because it gives him the opportunity to get his fill of tail wags.

Pet Care Attendant

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Leah grew up with animals of all kinds, including dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, and rabbits.  She has a cat named Abra and helps around the family farm with the many animals there.  He favorite thing about working at The Paw is getting to know the different personalities of each dog.


Pet Care Attendant

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Laura grew up in the country, in Mapleton, MN. She has always had an animal in her life; from hedgehogs and birds to dogs and horses. She currently has a mixed breed rescued pup named Thelma.  Laura learned about grooming as an assistant at The Paw's Vanity Fur.  She found that she loved grooming and expanded her skills, becoming a lead groomer for Vanity Fur.  Her favorite thing about working at The Paw, is that it challenges her to meet and exceed expectations.  In her free time she is active in softball and volleyball.

Grooming Technician

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Dogs have always been a big part of my life. My family once raised Brittanies, and we were active in the MN Brittany Club, competed in field trials, obedience shows, conformation shows, as well as hunting and field training. Throughout my adult life my interest in dogs and dog training has only grown. I currently participate in on a national level in agility, confirmation, rally, obedience and herding. I have had the opportunity to own and work with a wide variety of dogs - Brittany, Labrador Retriever, Miniature Pinscher, Rat Terrier, Basset Hound, Old English Sheepdog, Bluetick Coonhound, Australian Cattledog and mixed breeds. They have all given me experience in the diverse personalities and training needs of a wide variety of dogs. It brings me joy to share my lifetime of canine knowledge as an instructor. I enjoy competing with my dogs. However, my number one priority is for my dogs and I to have a strong bond. This is also my goal for every student team and family who comes through my classes.  

Dawn Finch
Dog Trainer

Linda Murray's picture

I have attended obedience classes offered by almost every instructor in the Mankato area, beginning in 1976! In 1995, I attended my first agility class in St. Cloud. Since 2000, I have offered classes in Rally, Back Packing, Weight Pulling, Carting, Sledding, Nosework as well as Obedience Training. My own dogs have titled in obedience, rally, sheep herding, lure coursing, snow pull, weight pull, agility, conformation, Barn Hunt, therapy and working Samoyed titles. I am a member of numerous dog clubs and offer a diversified background of dog knowledge to my students.  

Linda Murray
Dog Trainer