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About The Paw

Whether you are new to Mankato, have included a new animal family member, or are just looking for an experienced pet care provider that you can trust, please stop by and see what we have to offer. Our pet care team will be happy to show you around and see how we can help you and your pet.


The Paw opened in 2008 and is more than just a large building with huge playgrounds for dogs to run and play on. The building was designed with the health and comfort of your pet in mind.  The floors in our lobby, training center, and hallways are all rubber coated so that they are comfortable for your pet to walk and get traction on. In our suites and grooming salon, floors are epoxy coated for easier cleaning and sanitization.

Fire Safety

Our facility is built with block walls and interior steel studs. We have stainless steel cabinets in all boarding spaces. There are few flammable items in our building. We have a fire monitoring system that calls the fire department to dispatch emergency personnel. We have a fire suppression system/sprinkler system throughout our facility including the boarding rooms. We have floor drains in our boarding rooms to make sure that pets are safe and will not drown, should the sprinklers go off. We do not have staff working shifts overnight as their activity would keep the dogs awake.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The air is cleaned in our facility with UV sterilization. We clean our daycare kennels, floors, and suites using water heated to 230°F, which minimizes the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. We have floor drains throughout our suites which make cleaning and sterilization of all pet areas much easier.  

Our Boarding Suites

Our daycare kennels and boarding suites are cleaned before and after each guest arrives to ensure a clean welcoming space for your pet’s stay.

We have in-floor heat in all of our boarding suites, central air conditioning, and fans throughout the building. Our facility uses an energy-efficient, GO Thermal system to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We offer 150 spacious boarding suites for dogs, raised beds, and exercise time available daily, The Paw is your pet's home away from home. We have webcams on our playgrounds so you can see your pet while they are outside, executive suites, cat room and grooming room. We have owners call all the time asking why they cannot see their dog when they are in the daycare room or in regular boarding suites that are not viewable to the customers.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is graduated in depth from 10 inches to 4½  feet, and measures 18x50 feet. The water is kept at a comfortable 80°F. Our pool room is equipped with a dock (for all those who enjoy dock jumping) which lowers at the press of a button. 

Please stop in and take a tour! Looking for more information, please see our full list of brochures

Meet Our Team

The staff of The Paw is dedicated to making our pet resort an engaging and healthy place for all of our furry guests. They have all received training in off-leash dog play through Destination Pet that teaches our staff about dog body language, dog emotional states, dogs under stress, dog aggression, how to manage dog interactions, and play styles of dogs.


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