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Small Dogs Resting!



The Paw opened in 2008, and is more than just a large building with huge playgrounds for dogs to run and play on. The building was designed with the health and comfort of your pet in mind.

The air is cleaned, in our facility with UV sterilization. We clean our daycare kennels, all of our walls, floors and suites by steam cleaning with water heated to 230°. Which minimizes the need for cleaning chemicals. We have floor drains throughout our suites which make cleaning and sterilization of all pet areas much easier. All of our kennels and suites are stainless steel, and can be easily cleaned and always look fresh and new.    

We have in floor heat in all of our boarding suites, central air conditioning, and fans throughout the building. The entire building is heated and cooled with an energy efficient GO Thermal system. 

The floors in our lobby, training center and hallways are all rubber coated so that they are comfortable for your pet to walk and get traction on. In our suites and grooming salon, floors are epoxy coated for easier cleaning and sanitization.  

Our swimming pool is graduated in depth from 10 inches to 4 feet 6 inches, and measures 18 X 50 feet. The water is kept at a comfortable 80°. We also have dock diving available, for our dock jumping canines. At the push of a button! Our pool room also has a hydrotherapy aquatic treadmill available for physical therapy.


The staff of the The Paw is dedicated to making our pet resort an engaging and healthy place for all of our furry guests. They have all recieved training in off leash dog play through modules 101 and 201 of the The Dog Gurus. This training teaches our staff about dog body language, dog emotional states, dogs in stress, dog aggression, how to manage dog interactions and play styles of dogs. The Dog Gurus is the best educational resource available for off leash dog play.

Whether you are new to Mankato, have included a new animal family member, or are just looking for an experienced pet care provider that you can trust, please stop by and see what we have to offer. Our pet care team will be happy to show you around, and see how can help you and your pet!

Join us, and take the Group Play Saftey Pledge!